Treatsie Review


What’s not to love about a subscription to candy. Treatsie’s box contained 5 items:

Haley’s Love Mix – this was a very tasty hard candy type thing

Neo Cocoa Ttruffles – this was the only thing I didn’t like. It was two truffles one flavored with lime & cocoa and the other was almond butter & cocoa. Neither my husband nor I liked the flavors of these.

Eclipse Chocolates – my box had three flavors, Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Sea Salt Nib, & Salted Dulce de Leche. These were the best things in the box. They all tasted very good and you could tell they were high end, well made chocolate.

I rank this box so-so because I’m not sure it was a good value at 19.95 a box. But it you’d like to try them out the first box is $14.95.

here’s the link to their website.


Nature Box Review


I really enjoyed my nature box and have kept the subscription for another month. This box had five bags of various snacks.

Pistachio Power Clusters – These were my favorite. It was a quick snack I could eat in the morning with my coffee before I got around to official breakfast.

Cherry Berry Bonanza – This was a variety of dried fruit. These were good also but I mostly fed them to my toddler.

Vanilla Macaroon Granola – This was quite tasty and gone in just a couple of days.

Roasted Kettle Kernels – This one was not my favorite but it tasted ok and we did eat all of them. A bit hazardous around small children though as they are quite hard.

Masa Crisps – These were not my favorite. They are very similar to corn chips but with flax added. These are edible but not the best. My toddler eats them fine though so I save them for her.

I was also happy to learn that you can go on the naturebox website and choose which bags to have put in your box for next month. They had tons of yummy sounding options. So excited about this. Look for my review coming up in a month.

This box is $19.95 a month but you can get $10 off by following this link:


Wantable Accesories Box Review


This was my first wantables accessories box. I was overall very disappointed. It came with four items. A scarf, two earrings and a ring. The scarf was beautiful and I really liked it but I don’t really have much in my wardrobe that would match this. I did not like either set of earrings at all whatsoever and the ring was just so so. The good news is that Wantables let me return the entire box and I got a full refund. They let you keep partial boxes as well but they charge you for the items individually. These accessories were just not my style. I much preferred the intimates box. But I like the no risk subscription options and I contemplated retaking the style quiz and trying out a second month but I just have too many subscriptions so this one did not make the cut.

To try your no-risk Wantables beauty, intimates, or accessories box click here:

Artistry Gift Wrap Review


My Artistry gift wrap box came with eleven items. 3 papers, 3 bows, 1 ribbon, sticker sheets, gift card pouch, candy purse and gift tag. My favorite by far is the Spectacular Spectrum Flat Wrap. I plan to buy more of this in their store. I thought this generally was a good value, I liked everything in the box and am excited to see what’s in next month’s box.

Hello Fresh Review


Hello Fresh is a food service company that sends out three complete meals each week. You can choose Classic box or a veggie and you can pick from 2 or 4 servings. I chose the 2 serving Classic box and my three meals were Fra Diavolo Shrimp Linguini, Steak Tagliata, and Chicken & Golden Beet Pilaf. I really only loved one out of the three. Both the shrimp and chicken meals were just so so and probably not something I would make again. But the Steak Tagliata with Sweet Potatoes was just awesome. The steak was tender and perfectly cooked and the sweet potatoes were cooked with garlic and rosemary which was just delicious and prepared in a way I had never made before. I would definately make that recipe again. And I did learn some new cooking techniques with the other two as well and it did expand my thinking about what I could accomplish cooking from home. All in all it was a nice departure from my usual meals. I am on the fence about continuing this subscription. Currently I have it on pause because I didn’t like the meals for next week. I will see what the meals are for the week after that and then decide whether or not to continue it. I do like that they have very flexible scheduling and pausing options.

Use coupon code 5726FA to get $20 off your first box.

Nibblr Review


This box was free as part of their current promo. The subscription is only 5.99 per box but I don’t think it’s for me. It’s four compartments of different types of trail mix. All of which tasted fine but none of them really wowed me. The Turtle Twist and the Cocoa-nuts were both pretty good but the Gingerly Sweet and Caramel Apple were a bit weird. This is not a subscription I kept but if you would like to try out a free box just use referral code 2636.

Honest Box Sampler Review


I signed up for the Honest Box Sampler for $6 and they sent me diapers, wipes, laundry detergent, hand soap, lotion, diaper cream and vitamins. The contents all seemed high quality. The diapers work well and the patterns are super cute. But, even so I could not justify the price compared to Pampers so I did not continue the diaper subscription. But other than the cost I really liked these diapers. The lotion was a bit greasy, the laundry detergent and hand soap I haven’t tried yet but I thought the diaper cream was really good. My daughter sometimes gets a little bit of redness and the diaper cream cleared it up within one day. The vitamins are also probably high quality but again quite expensive. I did not continue the vitamin subscription either although I did like that they offer a powder vitamin version for kids. For now I’m going to continue just the Honest Essentials subscription and try more products.  Look for my review on that box next month. In the meantime, click on the link below to save $10 off your first subscription.