Hello Fresh Review


Hello Fresh is a food service company that sends out three complete meals each week. You can choose Classic box or a veggie and you can pick from 2 or 4 servings. I chose the 2 serving Classic box and my three meals were Fra Diavolo Shrimp Linguini, Steak Tagliata, and Chicken & Golden Beet Pilaf. I really only loved one out of the three. Both the shrimp and chicken meals were just so so and probably not something I would make again. But the Steak Tagliata with Sweet Potatoes was just awesome. The steak was tender and perfectly cooked and the sweet potatoes were cooked with garlic and rosemary which was just delicious and prepared in a way I had never made before. I would definately make that recipe again. And I did learn some new cooking techniques with the other two as well and it did expand my thinking about what I could accomplish cooking from home. All in all it was a nice departure from my usual meals. I am on the fence about continuing this subscription. Currently I have it on pause because I didn’t like the meals for next week. I will see what the meals are for the week after that and then decide whether or not to continue it. I do like that they have very flexible scheduling and pausing options.

Use coupon code 5726FA to get $20 off your first box. http://www.hellofresh.com


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