November The Fare Trade Review

The Fare Trade is a monthly subscription box which strives to deliver specialty small-batch ingredients every month a long with recipes and video tutorials created by a chef. This month’s boc featured chef Michael Rotundo and contained six items. I for some reason forgot to take pictures of the box again this month so these pictures are from the website.

Seafarer Spice Blend Seafarer Spice Blend – The recipe that is provided for this spice blend is a Salmon Tartare. I’m not much on seafood but I’m hoping to be able to use the spice blend on other meats as well.

Spicy Harissa Spicy Harissa – The recipe for this sauce is for a Mediterranean Salad with Harissa Yogurt Dressing. I was skeptical if I would like this salad so I opted instead to make a chicken recipe from The Food Network. The Harissa was indeed spicy and not really my thing but it was fun to try a different ingredient that I had never heard of before.

Blueberry Conserva Blueberry Conserva – The recipe provided was for Pork Belly sandwiches. I don’t really exactly know what pork belly is and the other ingredients seemed weird too like steam buns, pickled cucumber, pickled ginger and so I opted instead to make a pork tenderloin in the crockpot with the blueberry conserva as the sauce. It was just ok and if I had it to do again I probably would’ve used the conserva in a sweet rather than savory application.

Brown & Wild Rice Brown and Wild Rice – I was happy to see a standard item like rice. The recipe is for a complicated soup but I just used the rice as regular rice seasoned with butter and salt.

Maple Bourbon Pickles Maple Bourbon Pickles – I don’t really enjoy pickles so I gave these to my in-laws. They were more than happy to try them out.

Assorted Caramels Assorted Caramels – Each box always includes some delicious candies.

This wasn’t my favorite Fare Trade box. The recipes and ingredients weren’t really the types of foods I like to eat. But if you enjoy cooking and like to try new recipes then you may want to consider The Fare Trade.