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January Citrus Lane Review


Citrus Lane is a subscription box for kids ages 0-5. My box is for a 3 year old and contained 4 items.


The big item this month was the Melissa and Doug stamp set.


We already have a different Melissa & Doug stamp set so I wasn’t super excited about this one. Maybe my toddler will enjoy it a bit more when she’s older. Or I may gift it to someone. We’ll see. The next item I thought was kind of neat. It’s a pizza stacker. Here’s a picture of it in the bag and out of the bag.


My toddler had fun pretending to take my order and building the pizza. The next item was a book “Little Hoot.”


I really liked this book. It’s a funny book about an owl whose parents won’t let it go to bed. So amusing since my daughter is very resistent to bedtime. The last item was a Jammy Sammy Snack Bar.


This bar was just ok. I probably wouldn’t buy it but it’s always fun to try different foods.

Verdict – I love Citrus Lane. They have a great selection of products and the price is very reasonable. I fully recommend them.

PopSugar Must Have January Review

There were a lot of good coupons floating about over the holidays and so I decided to sign up for a 3 month subscription to PopSugar. I had actually forgotten that I had even signed up until I got the notification about the shipment. It seems like mommy mush brain is so prominent these days, but that’s a subject for another time.

Here is a picture of what was in my January Box:


There were a total of seven items which I thought was a pretty good amount.


Jack & Lucy Pom Pom Hat $22 – My favorite item in the box is the hat. I love love the hat. I had needed a new hat and had been hoping someone would buy me one for Christmas but no one did. The hat is very soft and looks great on. My only complaint about it is that it is dry clean only. So I will have to be very careful to keep it away from my toddler (aka destructo-baby).

Manduka eQua Yoga Hand Towel $16 – This towel is very soft and will be nice to have once I kick my butt in gear and actually start working on my new years resolution to exercise. I know I’m supposed to start my new resolution New Years Day but what can I say. Next Monday will work just as well right. Or Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday. By Thursday for sure.


KeepCup 12 oz Reusable Coffee Cup $26 – I think this cup is great. I am all for not using the disposable cups to drink my coffee in. Of course one of my other new years resolutions was to quit drinking coffee but we won’t talk about that.


Nature Valley Protein Granola $4- This seems like it would be a good product except that it contains soy protein isolate which is a no go for me. So I gave this to a friend. Haven’t heard back yet as to the flavor but I’m sure it’s probably good.


Empire Skin Jewel Tattoos $18 – At first I wasn’t that excited about faux tattoos until I read it can be used as nail art also. Once I have that figured out I’ll post pictures.

ToGoSpa Eyes $12 – This packet contains 3 under eye treatments. I haven’t tried them yet but I plan to very soon.


Ultra Repair Cream $28 – This product is great for those of us with dry skin who live in cold climates. I put some of this on my hands right away. It’s a bit greasy for me and I’m not crazy about the slight medicine-y smell but it really works. After it had soaked in my hands were significantly softer. So it’s good stuff.

Verdict – For me this PopSugar box was a win. I will use everything in it except the Granola. It was a full of perfect choices for January and I’m extremely pleased at the total value of $136.

December Koala Crate Box Review & Coupon

Koala Crate is a monthly subscription box for kids ages 3-4. Each month they send you a box full of play-and-learn activities plus the  imagine! magazine, which was created in partnership with Highlights for Children. Each month has a different theme and this month was Safari. Here is what was in the box:


The first activity involved making safari puppets. There were five different heads and five different bellies that my daughter could match to the puppet. She actually did really well matching them and each belly had a different texture which offered a sensory experience as well. After we matched up the puppets I hid them around the house for her to find. She had a lot of fun with this. She was so delighted when she found one. She’s not quite three and so I made them really easy to find. Here is a picture of the puppets.


The Safari search came with a little checklist so each time she found a puppet we could check it off the checklist. I think she really enjoyed this game and especially that I played it with her.

The other game was a set of ten cards of each of the five safari animals with their heads and feet. The kids have the option of matching them up or playing memory with them. I left her on her own to do this and I thought I had a picture but I can’t find it. There is also a story in the Imagine magazine and other activities and games.

My three year old and I really enjoyed this box. I thought the theme was great and the activities were perfect for her age. I fully recommend this box. The cost of Koala Crate is $19.95 a month but if you follow this link you can get $10 off your first box. Koala Crate