Julep Review

Years ago when I was a pre-teen I loved to paint my nails. I had tons of bottles of nail polish and I would wear a different color on each fingernail. But as an adult with the whole job, kids, house thing I don’t have the time to do anything with my nails. It’s just too much bother and they chip and then look bad for days and plus I don’t have the patience to wait for them to dry. Just too busy. But when I saw Julep’s add for a free box of nail polish I couldn’t resist. For just the cost of shipping ($4.00) Julep sent me this:


It contained two bottles of nail color, cuticle serum and 2 nail buffing squares. I did not try the serum yet but I did rather like the sanding squares. They did a really good job and they were easy to hold onto. Here I am with the red color:Image

It’s not a red I would have normally chosen but I suppose it’s a good color for Valentine’s Day. They give you a style quiz to determine what your style is. Apparently I’m Classic with a Twist. I decided to go ahead and try the polka dotted look.


It reminded me of Minnie Mouse. This look took way too much time.

Julep Pros: Nail polish seemed to dry fairly fast but the colors took two coats.

Julep Cons: I found the bottles crazy hard to open and the smell was just plain awful. The smell alone has probably put me off painting my nails for awhile.

Conclusion: Think I will stick with my OPI colors but for the teenager or person who really likes a variety of colors this could be a great subscription.

If you’d like to try out your free box follow this link: http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index



Nature Box Review


I really enjoyed my nature box and have kept the subscription for another month. This box had five bags of various snacks.

Pistachio Power Clusters – These were my favorite. It was a quick snack I could eat in the morning with my coffee before I got around to official breakfast.

Cherry Berry Bonanza – This was a variety of dried fruit. These were good also but I mostly fed them to my toddler.

Vanilla Macaroon Granola – This was quite tasty and gone in just a couple of days.

Roasted Kettle Kernels – This one was not my favorite but it tasted ok and we did eat all of them. A bit hazardous around small children though as they are quite hard.

Masa Crisps – These were not my favorite. They are very similar to corn chips but with flax added. These are edible but not the best. My toddler eats them fine though so I save them for her.

I was also happy to learn that you can go on the naturebox website and choose which bags to have put in your box for next month. They had tons of yummy sounding options. So excited about this. Look for my review coming up in a month.

This box is $19.95 a month but you can get $10 off by following this link: http://fbuy.me/GCaT


Artistry Gift Wrap Review


My Artistry gift wrap box came with eleven items. 3 papers, 3 bows, 1 ribbon, sticker sheets, gift card pouch, candy purse and gift tag. My favorite by far is the Spectacular Spectrum Flat Wrap. I plan to buy more of this in their store. I thought this generally was a good value, I liked everything in the box and am excited to see what’s in next month’s box.