The Fare Trade August Review


The Fare Trade is a subscription box which sends different ingredients along with recipes from a professional chef each month. The website includes videos and how to’s for making the recipes. This box had some good ingredients in it but I found the recipes way over my head. These are made by professional chefs so some of the ingredients and methods were just beyond me.

Quinn Sea Salt Popcorn – I just ate these out of the box as microwave popcorn. I really liked it and have since tried other Quinn popcorn products. Their maple sugar one is my favorite.

Joe’s BBQ Sauce – The recipe for this was for a smoked brisket. I don’t have a smoker and I’m not really sure where to even buy brisket so I just used this on BBQ chicken. The sauce is fantastic and quite possibly the best BBQ sauce I have ever had.

Baia Pasta – The recipe for this included crabmeat and I don’t know how to work with crabs so I searched the internet for another recipe using Twins Pasta. I have never used this type of pasta before but it was definitely high quality with a good flavor.

Bluestem Restaurant Coffee – The recipe for this was home made coffee ice cream. I decided not to bother and just had it as regular coffee. It was very good and I liked it.

Speckman Pure Honey – I have not tried this on anything yet but I am sure it will be good.

Alfajores Dulce Cookies – These were just a sample item and not part of a recipe. I liked them and thought there were a nice addition

I liked the ingredients in this box. I just wish the recipes weren’t so hard and didn’t require so many ingredients that I don’t normally stock. For someone who loves to cook and has a well stocked kitchen this would be a great subscription though.


PopSugar August Box


The August PopSugar Box contained 8 items.


Mason Jar Cookie Company Mix – This was a really good cookie mix. I would absolutely buy more of this.

Think Thin Protein Bar – This bar contains soy so I passed it on to a friend


Ocean Tide Sea Salt Candle – I love candles so I thought this was a great choice for summertime.

Lollia Shower Gel – This is probably a lovely shower gel but I wasn’t crazy about the scent so I gave it to my mom.


Kendra Scott Necklace – I was almost going to like this except that the chain was too small and didn’t fit me. I know I probably could’ve bought a bigger chain but I just gave it to a friend.

Bite Beauty Fresh Fruit Lip Gloss – This was a bit sticky and not really my favorite lip gloss.


Turkish T Towel – These aren’t as nice as the Turkish Towels from the resort box but they still worked great for going to the pool and I love how easily they fit into my travel bag.


Goodbyn – This is still in our cabinet wrapped in plastic but I think it will be very useful to use for taking lunch on the go.

Verdict – All in all I love PopSugar. My favorite item by far was the cookie mix. So Yum! Did you get PopSugar Must Have this month?

August Beauty Box 5 Review


Beauty Box Five is a beauty subscription box. The boxes always contain five items.


Novex Professional Hair Food Therapy – I haven’t tried this yet but it looks like a pretty big sample so I’ll be able to get a couple uses out of it.


Purlisse SPF Moisturizer – I am so over this product. This has been in a lot of subscription boxes lately and I don’t like it because it contains soy. So I am passing this along to a friend.


I had actually never used make-up wipes before so this I was excited to try. I found that it takes about two wipes to get the make-up off but it does work. My skin felt a bit dry afterwards so I think I would want to try a more moisturizing brand maybe. But for on the go quick make up removal I thought these worked.


This lip gloss was way too pink for me so I passed it on to a friend.

I haven’t tried this nail polish yet but it looks fun.

All in all not my favorite Beauty Box 5 but still good. What did you think?

Love With Food August Review


The theme this month was Fun At The County Fair. There were 8 snacks in the box.


Montreal Steak Spice Potato Chips – I wasn’t crazy about these. They were a bit salty and not really the best.

Crispy Cheddar Crackers – I’m not a huge cheddar person so I gave these to my toddler. She ate them so I guess that means they were fine.


Nutty Rice Bites – These were just ok. Not many in the bag though.

Kettle Sweet Peanuts – I like peanuts and I thought these were good.


Skeeter Cinnamon Grahams – These tasted fine and were another food I gave to my toddler

Smooze Fruit Ice – I really liked this and I would eat more of these. Great choice for summer.


Yummy Earth Lollipops – Gave these to my toddler as well because she loves lollipops.

Taffy Candy – These were really good and fit well with the theme.

I really like the different types of food that Love With Food showcases and I like that every box has a theme. What did you think of Love With Food this month?

Fare Trade is on sale at Gilt City


You can get a 6-month¬†Fare Trade subscription for 48% off, plus use coupon code¬†WELCOME20 to save an extra 20% off your order at Gilt City. This subscription is normally $65 a month but with all the discounts it comes out to $26.50 a month. Now that’s a bargain so I signed up right away. Look for my reviews of Fare Trade over the next six months.