February Awesome Pack Review

IMG_0223Awesome Pack is a new subscription box that sends you games every month based on your preferences. My preferences are set to include my college age step-son as well as my three year old and even my dog. This was my first month subscribing and I am really impressed. They send a bunch of items and really included everyone in the family.

IMG_0224Ruckus – This is a family card game for ages 8+. This looks like fun and I can’t wait to try this.

IMG_0225I Can Do That Card Game – This is listed for ages 3+. This seems like a great game and I think my daughter will really like playing this.

IMG_0228Mammut – I had never heard if this game before but it sounds really interesting and I think that it will be a good one to play with my step-son next weekend when he visits.

IMG_0227Frozen Sticker Book – This will be absolutely PERFECT for keeping my toddler busy while the adults play games. Love it!

IMG_0226Design Your Own T-Shirt Transfer – This is another great keep busy activity!

IMG_0229Gnawsome Faces Dog Squeaker Toy – This looks a little weird but the dog seems to enjoy it and he needed a new toy. How great is it that they even include a way to keep the dog busy!

IMG_0230They also included stickers, a magnet and an activity book. I am just blown away by this box. They are right, it is awesome! I had originally only planned to do one month but now I am think I will stay subscribed and see what they send next month. What do you think of Awesome Pack?


January Koala Crate Review


Koala Crate is a subscription box for kids ages 2-4. The cost is $19.99/month. Each month has a theme and this month the theme was music. There were three activities as well as an activity book.


The first activity we did was decorate a tube and then put tissue paper on the ends so that when you blow through it it would sound sort if like a horn. This activity was easy and my three year old liked it. She likes stickers and she likes musical things. But she didn’t really understand the crepe paper aspect and so it didn’t stay on the tube long. Luckily several pieces were included.


The next activity was a rhythm game using this:


The last activity was a music activity which involved dying a scarf with cool aid and then swaying the scarf to the music.


My daughter loved all of these activities and I thought this was a great box. I can’t wait to see what they do next month. If you’d like to subscribe to Koala Crate use this link to get $10 off your first box. Subscribe

September PopSugar Must Have Review


Popsugar Must Have is a monthly subscription box full of “fun, must-have picks across fashion, beauty, home decor, fitness, and more.” This box contained seven “must have” items.

Tilo Scarf in Raisin – This scarf was just ok for me. I debated about keeping it but in the end I gifted it to someone else.

Nicole Miller Earbuds – These look nice but I really have no use for earbuds at the moment. I will probably save them to use at some later date.

Urban Remedy Almond Brownie – This brownie wasn’t the greatest. It was just ok.

Oribe Superfine Hairspray – I was actually pretty happy to see this in the box because I needed new hairspray.

Gold Foil Arrow Pencils – I have very little use for pencils. I mostly use pens but it’s nice they included a sharpener with it.

Rifle Paper Co Notecards – I hate hate hate these notecards. I gave them away. I just didn’t like the prints at all.

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Sea Salt & Almond Minis – I really liked these chocolates and they were my favorite item in the box.

Verdict – I really hated this box. I think I will take a break from PopSugar for a few months.

PopSugar August Box


The August PopSugar Box contained 8 items.


Mason Jar Cookie Company Mix – This was a really good cookie mix. I would absolutely buy more of this.

Think Thin Protein Bar – This bar contains soy so I passed it on to a friend


Ocean Tide Sea Salt Candle – I love candles so I thought this was a great choice for summertime.

Lollia Shower Gel – This is probably a lovely shower gel but I wasn’t crazy about the scent so I gave it to my mom.


Kendra Scott Necklace – I was almost going to like this except that the chain was too small and didn’t fit me. I know I probably could’ve bought a bigger chain but I just gave it to a friend.

Bite Beauty Fresh Fruit Lip Gloss – This was a bit sticky and not really my favorite lip gloss.


Turkish T Towel – These aren’t as nice as the Turkish Towels from the resort box but they still worked great for going to the pool and I love how easily they fit into my travel bag.


Goodbyn – This is still in our cabinet wrapped in plastic but I think it will be very useful to use for taking lunch on the go.

Verdict – All in all I love PopSugar. My favorite item by far was the cookie mix. So Yum! Did you get PopSugar Must Have this month?

August Beauty Box 5 Review


Beauty Box Five is a beauty subscription box. The boxes always contain five items.


Novex Professional Hair Food Therapy – I haven’t tried this yet but it looks like a pretty big sample so I’ll be able to get a couple uses out of it.


Purlisse SPF Moisturizer – I am so over this product. This has been in a lot of subscription boxes lately and I don’t like it because it contains soy. So I am passing this along to a friend.


I had actually never used make-up wipes before so this I was excited to try. I found that it takes about two wipes to get the make-up off but it does work. My skin felt a bit dry afterwards so I think I would want to try a more moisturizing brand maybe. But for on the go quick make up removal I thought these worked.


This lip gloss was way too pink for me so I passed it on to a friend.

I haven’t tried this nail polish yet but it looks fun.

All in all not my favorite Beauty Box 5 but still good. What did you think?

Fare Trade is on sale at Gilt City


You can get a 6-month Fare Trade subscription for 48% off, plus use coupon code WELCOME20 to save an extra 20% off your order at Gilt City. This subscription is normally $65 a month but with all the discounts it comes out to $26.50 a month. Now that’s a bargain so I signed up right away. Look for my reviews of Fare Trade over the next six months.

Tea Sparrow Subscription Review – June


Tea Sparrow is a monthly subscription box which ships from Canada. The cost is $20 and each month you’ll receive 4 bags of premium loose leaf tea. Each bag will get you about 7-9 cups or so. Their theme for summer is iced tea. So the teas they send you can be made hot or iced. I’ve been doing both. I have an iced tea maker so the loose leaf works well for me. And when I want to have just a hot cup of tea I use a tea filter bag. The flavors are all very good I thought. And they send a nice mix of caffeinated and herbal teas.

Thai Chai Rooibos Herbal Decaf Tea – This one was my favorite. Very good flavors. Organic rooibos tea with vanilla and cinnamon flavors.

Mandarin Rose Caffeinated Black Tea – I drank this one as an iced tea. Nice mild flavors.

Buddah Bamboo Herbal Tea – I’ve had this one both hot and iced. It has bamboo leaves as well as pineapple and strawberry bits. A nice mild tea.

Flap Jack Oolong Caffeinated Green Tea – This is the only one I haven’t tried yet although it sounds fabulous. It has walnut pieces and maple syrup flavors.

If you drink a lot of tea this is a very good subscription. But for me I don’t really drink 35 cups of tea a month. I liked that the bags are resealable so at least they will keep for awhile. To try Tea Sparrow for only $8 enter coupon code TEAS at checkout. http://teasparrow.com

June Bespoke Post Review for ‘Detailed’ box

Bespoke Post is a subscription box designed for men. Each month has a different theme and they let you opt out if you don’t like that month’s theme. For Father’s Day I decided to get my husband a Bespoke Post box. The cost is $45 a month and they also have several boxes and products on their website that you can buy as well. For June we got a car wash themed box. My husband loves cars and often washes them by hand so I thought this would be perfect for him. Here’s a picture of what was in the box.


The box had a lot of items in it!

Griot’s Micro Fiber Wash Pad – Retail Value $7

Griot’s Speed Shine Cloth – Retail Value $6

Griot’s Wax Removal Towel – Retail Value $6

Griot’s Palm Grip Holder with Foam Wax Pad  – Retail Value $14

Griot’s Speed Shine – Retail Value $5

Griot’s Car Wash – Retail Value $5

Griot’s Premium Carnauba Paste Wax – Retail Value $40

The total retail value of the box is about $83 and Griot’s is supposed to be a good brand. My husband hasn’t had a chance to try out the products yet but I’ve been hinting at him to wash my car first. Maybe he’ll get to it this weekend. I think this was a great deal and it made picking out his Father’s Day gift much easier. This particular box is no longer available but they have some summer themed ones that look pretty nice. To learn more or get your Bespoke post follow this link https://www.bespokepost.com and use coupon code LONELY for 30% off your first box.

What did you get your husband for father’s day?

Lush Products Review Part 2

Lush is a beauty products company that makes “fresh handmade cosmetics.” You can buy their products in stores or online. The in-store experience is quite a bit different than the online one. They are one of the new generation of sellers who try to use several different senses in order to entice you. In this case sight, smell, & touch.  The clerks aren’t as annoying as the Bath & Body ones but they are VERY attentive and much better trained in selling. All the products are in baskets on the shelves and there is no packaging. The company doesn’t use packaging because they say it’s wasteful, I say it also saves them money. This means that you can go along and smell and touch everything before you buy it. This also means that so can everyone else. The ever “helpful” sales clerk sat me in a chair and washed my arm with soap, then put on a solid lotion, then put on a liquid lotion. I must admit my skin was very soft and so I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I bought all three products as well as some others. Here is my review of each one:

Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion


This has a nice scent but is a bit on the greasy side. It is ok but I wouldn’t probably buy it again. There are two sizes of this lotion. One is 2 oz for $5.95 which is the one I asked for. The other is 8 oz for $22.95 which is the one I got. I didn’t pay attention as the “helpful”sales clerk went and got it for me and put it in my bag. So I didn’t notice until I got back home. No way would I have intentionally spent $22.95 on a lotion. 8 oz is a lot and it will take awhile for me to use this up. Wish I liked it a bit better. But, according to the clerk 100% of the proceeds of the product go to charity. So at least that’s something.

The Comforter Bubble Bar


This ended up being my most favorite item that I bought. It’s smells like bubble gum and makes a TON of bubbles. I just break of a piece and toss it under the faucet. It turns the bath water pink depending on how much you use. But you don’t need to use much. I think I broke mine into 8ths.

King of Skin Body Butter Bar


This is a massaging body lotion that you can use in the shower. It feels very luxurious and nice on the skin but it is a bit greasy. It’s a big bar so it lasts a long time. My skin does feel really soft for awhile after I use it but it doesn’t last.

Sex Bath Bomb


This is a bath bomb that dissolves into the water. You essentially get fragrance and colored water. It is kind of cool as it dissolves because the flower bit kind of opens up like it’s blossoming.

Butterfly Reusable Bubble Bar


This is pretty cool also. It is a bubble bath bar that you just hold under the faucet for a bit and it makes a lot of bubbles. The water also turn slightly pinkish. You can get the desired amount of bubbles just by holding it under the faucet for longer or shorter depending on what you want. There’s not much fragrance but you do get bubbles. I think this is a good product for younger girls & teens but I use it some for me too.

Floating Island Bath Melt


This is a bath melt which makes the water VERY silky/greasy. I might’ve used too much because I cut it in half. You might possibly be able to use even less. It looks and smells like vanilla ice cream.


Oatifix Fresh Face Mask


I must’ve forgotten to take a picture of the two face masks I bought so this picture is from the Lush website. The fresh face masks are only available in stores and since they use fresh ingredients you have to keep them refrigerated and they only last about two weeks. The “helpful”sales clerk did not mention that short expiration date when I purchased them. I found out about it from another website. Had I known that at the time I wouldn’t have bought two. You can’t possibly use two in two weeks unless you do a mask everyday which seems like a lot. Anyways the Oatifix has a very pleasant scent but when you put it on it’s cold from the refrigerator and it’s chunky. I suppose you could let it sit out for a while to come to room temperature to avoid the cold but it still would be chunky. I didn’t really like the chunky so I probably wouldn’t repurchase this mask. Also you have to be careful with the mask because it leaves a lot of oil on the skin so if you’re acne prone this may not be the one for you. I have fairly dry skin so I didn’t have any trouble with it but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for teenagers or young people.

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask


I bought this mask because the sales clerk said it was one of the best and that it exfoliates as well as moisturizes. It probably did those things but it smells like seaweed and it contains seaweed so you have bits of seaweed on your face. I think it worked ok but the smell was just too awful. Apparently the fresh face masks are not for me. It seems to me that they could make the masks a bit smoother and not so chunky. I also wonder if I could make similar masks at home myself with bananas and avocados and things. I will have to look into that.

All in all going to the actual store was a fun experience but I did have a bit of buyer’s remorse once I got home. Most of these products I wouldn’t purchase again but they were fun to try once. I am a bit curious to try their shampoo line so I might do that next. What other Lush products should I try? Do you have a favorite Lush product?

June Citrus Lane Subscription Box Review & Discount


By the name you’d think Citrus Lane had something to do with oranges but actually it’s a subscription box for kids ages 0-5. My box is for a 2 year old girl. I loved the box this month. Here is what was in it.

Plum Organics Nutrition Bars in Blueberry & Strawberry


I like that they included healthy snacks but I would rate these as just so so. My daughter ate them but wasn’t enthused about them. Of course lately it seems she only has two food groups; Macaroni & Cheese & Hot Dogs.

Mudpuppy 12 piece Ballerina Puzzle


I thought this was a really cute puzzle so we opened it up right away. My daughter hasn’t really gotten the hang of puzzles yet and she got really fussy and tempermental and threw the pieces everywhere. But I liked it so maybe she will enjoy it more as she gets older. For now I will put it away for another day.

Minnie Mouse Wet Bag


This is exactly what we needed this month. This is perfect for taking to the pool and putting her wet swimsuit in. And Minnie Mouse is always a favorite so I am really happy with the pattern.

Skip Hop Panda Straw Bottle


This is again another awesome selection and perfect for taking to the pool. While my daughter can drink out of a regular cup she almost always spills most of the contents. So I much prefer sippy cups with lids. Yesterday when I took her to the pool I let her have some lemonade from a styrofoam cup and after she took a few drinks she decided to put several of the napkins into it. Then she took the napkins out and for some reason dumped the entire rest of the lemonade on my foot. So yeah, lids are a must.

I liked all the items in the Citrus Lane this month. This was one of my favorite boxes from them. To get 50% off your first box click here Citrus Lane

Did you get Citrus Lane this month? What did you think of it?