February Awesome Pack Review

IMG_0223Awesome Pack is a new subscription box that sends you games every month based on your preferences. My preferences are set to include my college age step-son as well as my three year old and even my dog. This was my first month subscribing and I am really impressed. They send a bunch of items and really included everyone in the family.

IMG_0224Ruckus – This is a family card game for ages 8+. This looks like fun and I can’t wait to try this.

IMG_0225I Can Do That Card Game – This is listed for ages 3+. This seems like a great game and I think my daughter will really like playing this.

IMG_0228Mammut – I had never heard if this game before but it sounds really interesting and I think that it will be a good one to play with my step-son next weekend when he visits.

IMG_0227Frozen Sticker Book – This will be absolutely PERFECT for keeping my toddler busy while the adults play games. Love it!

IMG_0226Design Your Own T-Shirt Transfer – This is another great keep busy activity!

IMG_0229Gnawsome Faces Dog Squeaker Toy – This looks a little weird but the dog seems to enjoy it and he needed a new toy. How great is it that they even include a way to keep the dog busy!

IMG_0230They also included stickers, a magnet and an activity book. I am just blown away by this box. They are right, it is awesome! I had originally only planned to do one month but now I am think I will stay subscribed and see what they send next month. What do you think of Awesome Pack?