February Pijon Box Review

IMG_0206Pijon box is a subscription box designed for college students. My stepson is in college and so I wanted to try it out to see what I thought of it before I sent him one. There is an option to choose male or female and for this one since it was for me I chose female.

IMG_0207Oat Works Pomegranate Blueberry – This was a very tasty juice with the added benefit of a little extra fiber. You couldn’t tell that there was any fiber in there and my toddler and I drank this happily.

IMG_0208Not Your Mother’s Thickening Hair Lifter – I haven’t tried this yet but I think it would be a useful item for a college aged girl.

Bamboo Toothbrush – This is not an exciting item but certainly a useful one.

IMG_0210Jimmy Bar Clean Snack Bar – I like the idea behind these bars but the taste is straight up awful. I didn’t like them one bit.

Revolution Tea Sampler – This is a sampler pack of three different types of tea. I haven’t tried them yet but how can you go wrong with tea.

IMG_0211Game Day Chapstick for men – I was surprised to see an item for men in my women’s box but I think chapstick in this cold climate is very useful. I gave it to my husband but I’m not sure he’s tried it yet.

Go Towel Pack of 3 – This is another great item that fits easily in your pocket that you can use on the go.

These items aren’t particularly high in value or super exciting but I loved receiving mail when I lived in the dorm and these are all useful items that a college student could use. What do you think of Pijon Box?