March Artistry Gifts Review

IMG_0246Artistry Gifts is a new lifestyle box that was started by the company Artistry Gift Wrap. The cost is $49.99 a month and promises to contain giftable items centered around a monthly theme. The theme this month was ‘Staying In.’ The box included five items.

Flavour It Glass Water Bottle – I saw the spoilers for this and it is the main reason I signed up. Everyone has been talking about fruit infused water lately so I wanted to try it. The bottle is very nice and I like that it’s glass. It was a little difficult getting the fruit into the infuser because the infuser doesn’t stand up on it’s own. For my first fruit-infused water I tried lime and frozen strawberries. After leaving it in the fridge for a few hours I thought it imparted a really nice flavor to the water. The bottle was a little tricky to drink from but it was ok once I got the hang of it. Overall I like having extra flavors in my water. I may not be able to go back to regular water now.

Forty Below Card Game – I played this with my in-laws who had already played it before. It took me a few hands to understand strategy but now I really like it.

Pure Vanilla Milkbottle Candle – I love the smell of vanilla and this is a nice candle. Plus I’ve heard that once the candle is finished you can re-use the bottle as a vase. Cool!

Inis Energy of the Sea Bath Gel – I’m not sure what to think of this. The scent seems somewhat masculine to me but I still like it. And it’s cool it’s from Ireland and it’s a brand I’ve never tried before.

Blarney Stone Chocolate Marshmallow – This was really tasty. I liked this a lot.

Inis of the Sea Lotion Sample – This lotion seems really strongly scented. Not sure I would want to wear this very often.

Patrick Cologne Sample – This cologne seemed WAY strong to me. I will not be purchasing any for my husband.

I really liked this box. It was an interesting variety of items. What did you think of your Artistry Gifts box this month?