March Naturebox Review + Coupon Code

IMG_0245Naturebox is a monthly subscription box which sends you 5 3-5oz bags of snacks every month. You can choose which snacks you want as well as some backups in case the ones you want aren’t available. The cost is $19.99 a month. This month I received a bonus snack for a total of six. Here is what was in the box.

Pistachio Power Clusters – These are my absolute favorite and pretty much the whole reason I subscribe. There aren’t a whole lot in the bag so I usually go through them in one or two days.

Chocolate Quinoa Granola – This was fairly good. My toddler and I both enjoyed eating it.They sent an extra bag as a bonus so I actually have two of this snack.

Coconut Date Energy Bites – These were too sweet for me and my toddler didn’t like them either.

Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix – This was ok. Unfortunately my toddler managed to dump most of the bag out all over the floor so that was the end of that.

Golden Apple Tea Biscuits – This is the only snack I haven’t tried yet. I’ve been planning to have them with tea but I haven’t made any tea recently.

Verdict – I like the idea behind NatureBox and the snacks are generally good. But it seems like the bags have gotten smaller and there isn’t as much in them. Also a lot of their selections are granola. I might keep this for one more month and try some other flavors. What do you think of Nature Box? If you’d like to try them just use coupon code share10off to get $10 off your first subscription.


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