February Little Lace Box Review

IMG_0236Little Lace Box is a monthly subscription lifestyle box. They are currently not accepting new subscribers. According to their leaflet this was not the original box they had planned. But, due to various manufacturing issues they were not able to put out their original vision. This box had five items.

IMG_0237Beekman 1802 Original Fudge Sauce – I heated this up in the microwave and poured it over vanilla ice cream. It is a very nice thick sauce with a good flavor. And what I like most about it is that it tastes real and doesn’t have that artificial taste. There were some variations in the boxes and some people got an orange chocolate fudge sauce. I would’ve been interested to try that since I love orange and chocolate together.

IMG_0238Beekman 1802 Bling Bath Salts – The scent of this is not my favorite. It is sort of a mint lemon soapy type smell. I didn’t really notice a lot of sparkle or glitter while I was in the bath but I do have somewhat glittery skin now that I am out. Also it did make the water really soft. There was a variation in the boxes where some people got bath truffles. I think I might’ve liked those more.

Dancing Goat Hula Bliss Lotion – I put a little of this on my hands and I thought the smell was awful. It reminded me a bit of Vick’s Vapor Rub. But, the strong smell does wear off after a bit and it did make my skin a little softer.

IMG_0239Whitley Designs Triangle Earrings – These are handmade and generally I like small earrings but these feel unfinished to me like the triangles should be filled in in some way. They need some sparkle or some color. They just feel too plain to me.

P. Press Papers Pink Arrow Stationary – This is a set of 8 flat notecards with a pink arrow at the top. These are just ok for me. I haven’t decided yet if I will keep them or gift them.

Verdict – I am underwhelmed by this box. I had really high expectations and so these items fell a bit short for me. I think for $40 the value is there but, I’m just not wowed. I am on the fence about canceling this subscription or giving them another month. What do you think about the Little Lace Box?


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