The Fare Trade January Review


The Fare Trade is a monthly subscription box which sends you high quality delicious ingredients as well as recipes by professional chefs. The cost is $65 a month. Each box usually contains 5 ingredients:


As well as 2 candies, several recipe cards and info about the ingredients.


This month the candies were caramels by Avenue Sweets. I was kind of excited about this month’s box. All the ingredients I like and the recipes seem doable. The chef is Fabian Gallardo. Here are pictures of each ingredient individually: IMG_0113

Dude, Sweet Chocolate One Night Stand Potion Chocolate Sauce $9.00

“Product Description – Using 100 anos tequila, One Night Stand Potion is a loose take on a Mexican coffee. Using agave, South American chocolate, Valrohna cocoa powder this sauce is shelf stable and dairy free. Never meant to be refrigerated and happiest as a chocolate martini with three parts vodka to one part sauce.”


Guelaguetza Mole Coloradito Sauce $12.00

“Product Description – This is the same mole made famous by our chips at Guelaguetza’s Restaurant in L.A.. Pour it over a nice piece of chicken, beef, or come up with your own unique way of using it.”


Diane’s Sweet Heat Mango Habanero Jam $10.00

“Product Description – A Mouthwatering Blend of sweet fruits, bell peppers and the spicy habanero made from all natural Ingredients. It is low sugar and has a medium heat Scoville Rating. Great served on bagels, crackers with cream cheese, meats, fish and poultry or on ice cream and other desserts. Made in Northern California.”


Gustus Vitae Taste of California Gourmet Seasoning $8.00

“Product Description – A delightful composition of savory, zesty, and sweet notes, Taste of California is a rich, flavorful blend of the natural bounty of California. Dried strawberries lend beautiful color and a lingering sweetness, cilantro, thyme and tarragon add depth and warmth, the natural zest of lemon peels brings a refreshing sharpness, and a light sprinkle of Pacific sea salt binds all the flavors together. Apply the Taste of California to fish, chicken, vegetable and pork dishes prior to cooking, or sprinkle on to fresh salads for vibrant color and complexity of flavor. Taste of California works beautifully as a marinade or sauce too: mix in a generous helping of the blend into a cup of yogurt or coconut cream and savor the rich flavors of the Golden State!”


La Fundidora Humo Salsa $6.99

“Product Description – A tomato-based red salsa with select chipotle morita and pasilla chiles. This is our most complex offering. The depth of taste and the undeniable allure of smoke make this an ideal salsa to pair with beef, heartier cuts of pork, stronger cheeses, beans and other legumes.”

The total value of ingredients is $46. But, that does not include the cost of shipping, curation, recipes, or video tutorials. This is a great box for anyone who would like to try new products, cooking techniques and professional recipes. I have not yet made any of the recipes from this month but I’m looking forward to trying them. For me this has been the best month yet. What do you think of The Fare Trade?


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