January Citrus Lane Review


Citrus Lane is a subscription box for kids ages 0-5. My box is for a 3 year old and contained 4 items.


The big item this month was the Melissa and Doug stamp set.


We already have a different Melissa & Doug stamp set so I wasn’t super excited about this one. Maybe my toddler will enjoy it a bit more when she’s older. Or I may gift it to someone. We’ll see. The next item I thought was kind of neat. It’s a pizza stacker. Here’s a picture of it in the bag and out of the bag.


My toddler had fun pretending to take my order and building the pizza. The next item was a book “Little Hoot.”


I really liked this book. It’s a funny book about an owl whose parents won’t let it go to bed. So amusing since my daughter is very resistent to bedtime. The last item was a Jammy Sammy Snack Bar.


This bar was just ok. I probably wouldn’t buy it but it’s always fun to try different foods.

Verdict – I love Citrus Lane. They have a great selection of products and the price is very reasonable. I fully recommend them.


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