October The Fare Trade Review

The Fare Trade is a monthly subscription box which features various ingredients from around the globe handpicked by a chef along with recipes and video tutorials. The cost of the box is $52.00 a month. This month’s chef is Jenn Louis and the box included 5 ingredients.

Curry Pumpkin Pesto Curry Pumpkin Pesto

Verde Hott #2 Verde Hott #2

Whole Grain Quinoa Whole Grain Quinoa

Wild Mayhaw Jelly Wild Mayhaw Jelly

Pickled Carrots, Ginger + Spice Pickled Carrots

I didn’t find out until later that you can skip a box if you don’t wish to receive that month’s. They always send a preview email but I didn’t open them. I have too much email. Anyways I haven’t used any of the ingredients or recipes yet and I probably would’ve chosen to skip this month as the only ingredients which appeal to me are the Quinoa and Wild Mayhaw Jelly. What do you think of The Fare Trade? Have you made any of the recipes from this month?


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