August Beauty Box 5 Review


Beauty Box Five is a beauty subscription box. The boxes always contain five items.


Novex Professional Hair Food Therapy – I haven’t tried this yet but it looks like a pretty big sample so I’ll be able to get a couple uses out of it.


Purlisse SPF Moisturizer – I am so over this product. This has been in a lot of subscription boxes lately and I don’t like it because it contains soy. So I am passing this along to a friend.


I had actually never used make-up wipes before so this I was excited to try. I found that it takes about two wipes to get the make-up off but it does work. My skin felt a bit dry afterwards so I think I would want to try a more moisturizing brand maybe. But for on the go quick make up removal I thought these worked.


This lip gloss was way too pink for me so I passed it on to a friend.

I haven’t tried this nail polish yet but it looks fun.

All in all not my favorite Beauty Box 5 but still good. What did you think?


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