Love With Food August Review


The theme this month was Fun At The County Fair. There were 8 snacks in the box.


Montreal Steak Spice Potato Chips – I wasn’t crazy about these. They were a bit salty and not really the best.

Crispy Cheddar Crackers – I’m not a huge cheddar person so I gave these to my toddler. She ate them so I guess that means they were fine.


Nutty Rice Bites – These were just ok. Not many in the bag though.

Kettle Sweet Peanuts – I like peanuts and I thought these were good.


Skeeter Cinnamon Grahams – These tasted fine and were another food I gave to my toddler

Smooze Fruit Ice – I really liked this and I would eat more of these. Great choice for summer.


Yummy Earth Lollipops – Gave these to my toddler as well because she loves lollipops.

Taffy Candy – These were really good and fit well with the theme.

I really like the different types of food that Love With Food showcases and I like that every box has a theme. What did you think of Love With Food this month?


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