July Citrus Lane Review


Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids ages 0-5. Mine is for a two year old girl.

There were five items in the box:


Oogaa Travel Placemat – I thought this was a good idea. My daughter makes such a disaster when she eats.


Cute Cookie Purse – I thought this also was a great product. My daughter carries it about and has fun taking objects in and out.


Plum Organics – I am always happy to see these in subscription boxes. My daughter loves them so it’s great for snack time.


Aquaduck – This is another great product that I never would have bought on my own but really like. It extends the water just a bit more making it easier for little hands to reach.


Purlisse Sunscreen – I’ve gotten this before in another box so this will likely be gifted.

All in all I love Citrus Lane. It’s fun to get in the mail each month and they have some great products.

What do you think of Citrus Lane?


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