Tea Sparrow Subscription Review – June


Tea Sparrow is a monthly subscription box which ships from Canada. The cost is $20 and each month you’ll receive 4 bags of premium loose leaf tea. Each bag will get you about 7-9 cups or so. Their theme for summer is iced tea. So the teas they send you can be made hot or iced. I’ve been doing both. I have an iced tea maker so the loose leaf works well for me. And when I want to have just a hot cup of tea I use a tea filter bag. The flavors are all very good I thought. And they send a nice mix of caffeinated and herbal teas.

Thai Chai Rooibos Herbal Decaf Tea – This one was my favorite. Very good flavors. Organic rooibos tea with vanilla and cinnamon flavors.

Mandarin Rose Caffeinated Black Tea – I drank this one as an iced tea. Nice mild flavors.

Buddah Bamboo Herbal Tea – I’ve had this one both hot and iced. It has bamboo leaves as well as pineapple and strawberry bits. A nice mild tea.

Flap Jack Oolong Caffeinated Green Tea – This is the only one I haven’t tried yet although it sounds fabulous. It has walnut pieces and maple syrup flavors.

If you drink a lot of tea this is a very good subscription. But for me I don’t really drink 35 cups of tea a month. I liked that the bags are resealable so at least they will keep for awhile. To try Tea Sparrow for only $8 enter coupon code TEAS at checkout. http://teasparrow.com


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