July Love With Food Review

Love With Food is a monthly snack delivery service. Their boxes usually have a theme and this month’s theme was Happy Camper.


The box included eight snacks:


Beanitos White Cheddar Puffs – I must admit that I didn’t try these. I was a bit skeptical but I know the perfect person to give them to.

Sea Salt Lentil Crackers – These were pretty good. I would eat them again.


Ginnymini’s Butter Crisps – These were just ok for me. I was thinking they’d be more like shortbread but they weren’t. They are gluten-free, organic, and non-gmo.

Madyson’s Marshmallows Chocolate Chip Square Puff – I didn’t notice when I was taking the picture that I had the label side down. I was expecting something really great since this is a gourmet marshmallow but it didn’t wow me. It was good but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy more.


Jubilee Mix Wholesome Trail Mix – I didn’t try these either but I do know someone I can give them to that will appreciate them more.

2 Degrees Cherry Almond Food Bar – This also was just ok I thought.


Dutch Cocoa Somersaults – these I liked. I would eat more of these.

Kids Organic Chews – My toddler loves fruit chews and so she scarfed these right up.

I like that Love with Food finds healthy snacks that are not often sold in the grocery store but this month was a bit of a miss for me. Not my favorite box from them.

What did you think of your July Love With Food?


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