June Dollar Shave Club Review

The Dollar Shave Club is a monthly razor delivery service. They were offering a great promotion and so I decided to try them out for myself.


Included in the box was 4 razor blades, sample size shave butter, and a razor handle. I could tell from the enclosed leaflet that this box was definitely geared toward men. I tried the first razor and then gave my husband the remaining three to try. He wasn’t interested in the Shave Butter. He is fussy and will only use the standard shaving cream. So I used the Shave Butter and I rather liked it. It was similar in consistency to Oil Of Olay Body Wash. I won’t go out of my way to buy it but it worked perfectly well. I also thought the razor was of good quality and worked well. I still prefer my Gillette Venus razors but as far as cost savings the Dollar Shave Club is a great deal. My husband said he thought the razor was ok but it “pulled” a bit more than his Gillette Fusion. We didn’t keep the subscription but if they had something out there more geared towards women I might consider it.

Have you tried the Dollar Shave Club? What razor do you use?


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