June Naturebox Review


Naturebox is snack subscription box. You get 5 3-4oz snacks a month. You have the choice of receiving surprise bags or choosing what you want. I really like choosing my own and they have a big selection to choose from. You can choose gluten-free, dairy-free etc. This month I chose 4 snacks.

Pistachio Power Clusters – These are my favorite. I get these every time. This time I ordered two bags. It doesn’t show two bags in the picture because I had already eaten one whole bag before I remembered I needed to take a picture.

Cashew Power Clusters – These were good. Cashews are my least favorite nut but I wanted to try them anyways. It’s easy to just grab these nut clusters for breakfast than actually cook.

Fancy Dried Figs – These were ok. I’ve never had dried figs before. They taste just like a fig newton only without the outer cookie part.

Praline Pumpkin Seeds – These were very good. Just the right mix of salty and sweet.

Poppy Seed Sticks – These were an extra add in from the company at no charge. They were just ok.

The cost is $19.95 a month including shipping. I think this is a fair price since you’d pay just as much at the store for similar snacks. They also give you the option of adding more snacks for only $3 a bag.  If you want to try out Naturebox click here and get $10 off your first box.

Have you tried Naturebox? What do you think of them?


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