June Bespoke Post Review for ‘Detailed’ box

Bespoke Post is a subscription box designed for men. Each month has a different theme and they let you opt out if you don’t like that month’s theme. For Father’s Day I decided to get my husband a Bespoke Post box. The cost is $45 a month and they also have several boxes and products on their website that you can buy as well. For June we got a car wash themed box. My husband loves cars and often washes them by hand so I thought this would be perfect for him. Here’s a picture of what was in the box.


The box had a lot of items in it!

Griot’s Micro Fiber Wash Pad – Retail Value $7

Griot’s Speed Shine Cloth – Retail Value $6

Griot’s Wax Removal Towel – Retail Value $6

Griot’s Palm Grip Holder with Foam Wax Pad  – Retail Value $14

Griot’s Speed Shine – Retail Value $5

Griot’s Car Wash – Retail Value $5

Griot’s Premium Carnauba Paste Wax – Retail Value $40

The total retail value of the box is about $83 and Griot’s is supposed to be a good brand. My husband hasn’t had a chance to try out the products yet but I’ve been hinting at him to wash my car first. Maybe he’ll get to it this weekend. I think this was a great deal and it made picking out his Father’s Day gift much easier. This particular box is no longer available but they have some summer themed ones that look pretty nice. To learn more or get your Bespoke post follow this link https://www.bespokepost.com and use coupon code LONELY for 30% off your first box.

What did you get your husband for father’s day?


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