Lush Products Review Part 2

Lush is a beauty products company that makes “fresh handmade cosmetics.” You can buy their products in stores or online. The in-store experience is quite a bit different than the online one. They are one of the new generation of sellers who try to use several different senses in order to entice you. In this case sight, smell, & touch.  The clerks aren’t as annoying as the Bath & Body ones but they are VERY attentive and much better trained in selling. All the products are in baskets on the shelves and there is no packaging. The company doesn’t use packaging because they say it’s wasteful, I say it also saves them money. This means that you can go along and smell and touch everything before you buy it. This also means that so can everyone else. The ever “helpful” sales clerk sat me in a chair and washed my arm with soap, then put on a solid lotion, then put on a liquid lotion. I must admit my skin was very soft and so I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I bought all three products as well as some others. Here is my review of each one:

Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion


This has a nice scent but is a bit on the greasy side. It is ok but I wouldn’t probably buy it again. There are two sizes of this lotion. One is 2 oz for $5.95 which is the one I asked for. The other is 8 oz for $22.95 which is the one I got. I didn’t pay attention as the “helpful”sales clerk went and got it for me and put it in my bag. So I didn’t notice until I got back home. No way would I have intentionally spent $22.95 on a lotion. 8 oz is a lot and it will take awhile for me to use this up. Wish I liked it a bit better. But, according to the clerk 100% of the proceeds of the product go to charity. So at least that’s something.

The Comforter Bubble Bar


This ended up being my most favorite item that I bought. It’s smells like bubble gum and makes a TON of bubbles. I just break of a piece and toss it under the faucet. It turns the bath water pink depending on how much you use. But you don’t need to use much. I think I broke mine into 8ths.

King of Skin Body Butter Bar


This is a massaging body lotion that you can use in the shower. It feels very luxurious and nice on the skin but it is a bit greasy. It’s a big bar so it lasts a long time. My skin does feel really soft for awhile after I use it but it doesn’t last.

Sex Bath Bomb


This is a bath bomb that dissolves into the water. You essentially get fragrance and colored water. It is kind of cool as it dissolves because the flower bit kind of opens up like it’s blossoming.

Butterfly Reusable Bubble Bar


This is pretty cool also. It is a bubble bath bar that you just hold under the faucet for a bit and it makes a lot of bubbles. The water also turn slightly pinkish. You can get the desired amount of bubbles just by holding it under the faucet for longer or shorter depending on what you want. There’s not much fragrance but you do get bubbles. I think this is a good product for younger girls & teens but I use it some for me too.

Floating Island Bath Melt


This is a bath melt which makes the water VERY silky/greasy. I might’ve used too much because I cut it in half. You might possibly be able to use even less. It looks and smells like vanilla ice cream.


Oatifix Fresh Face Mask


I must’ve forgotten to take a picture of the two face masks I bought so this picture is from the Lush website. The fresh face masks are only available in stores and since they use fresh ingredients you have to keep them refrigerated and they only last about two weeks. The “helpful”sales clerk did not mention that short expiration date when I purchased them. I found out about it from another website. Had I known that at the time I wouldn’t have bought two. You can’t possibly use two in two weeks unless you do a mask everyday which seems like a lot. Anyways the Oatifix has a very pleasant scent but when you put it on it’s cold from the refrigerator and it’s chunky. I suppose you could let it sit out for a while to come to room temperature to avoid the cold but it still would be chunky. I didn’t really like the chunky so I probably wouldn’t repurchase this mask. Also you have to be careful with the mask because it leaves a lot of oil on the skin so if you’re acne prone this may not be the one for you. I have fairly dry skin so I didn’t have any trouble with it but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for teenagers or young people.

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask


I bought this mask because the sales clerk said it was one of the best and that it exfoliates as well as moisturizes. It probably did those things but it smells like seaweed and it contains seaweed so you have bits of seaweed on your face. I think it worked ok but the smell was just too awful. Apparently the fresh face masks are not for me. It seems to me that they could make the masks a bit smoother and not so chunky. I also wonder if I could make similar masks at home myself with bananas and avocados and things. I will have to look into that.

All in all going to the actual store was a fun experience but I did have a bit of buyer’s remorse once I got home. Most of these products I wouldn’t purchase again but they were fun to try once. I am a bit curious to try their shampoo line so I might do that next. What other Lush products should I try? Do you have a favorite Lush product?


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