June Citrus Lane Subscription Box Review & Discount


By the name you’d think Citrus Lane had something to do with oranges but actually it’s a subscription box for kids ages 0-5. My box is for a 2 year old girl. I loved the box this month. Here is what was in it.

Plum Organics Nutrition Bars in Blueberry & Strawberry


I like that they included healthy snacks but I would rate these as just so so. My daughter ate them but wasn’t enthused about them. Of course lately it seems she only has two food groups; Macaroni & Cheese & Hot Dogs.

Mudpuppy 12 piece Ballerina Puzzle


I thought this was a really cute puzzle so we opened it up right away. My daughter hasn’t really gotten the hang of puzzles yet and she got really fussy and tempermental and threw the pieces everywhere. But I liked it so maybe she will enjoy it more as she gets older. For now I will put it away for another day.

Minnie Mouse Wet Bag


This is exactly what we needed this month. This is perfect for taking to the pool and putting her wet swimsuit in. And Minnie Mouse is always a favorite so I am really happy with the pattern.

Skip Hop Panda Straw Bottle


This is again another awesome selection and perfect for taking to the pool. While my daughter can drink out of a regular cup she almost always spills most of the contents. So I much prefer sippy cups with lids. Yesterday when I took her to the pool I let her have some lemonade from a styrofoam cup and after she took a few drinks she decided to put several of the napkins into it. Then she took the napkins out and for some reason dumped the entire rest of the lemonade on my foot. So yeah, lids are a must.

I liked all the items in the Citrus Lane this month. This was one of my favorite boxes from them. To get 50% off your first box click here Citrus Lane

Did you get Citrus Lane this month? What did you think of it?


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