May Wantable Intimates

Wantable Intimates chooses “4-5 premium essentials handpicked to suit your preferences” and sends them to you each month for a cost of $36 per month. You have options to pause or cancel your subscription at any time and you can set the types of items you receive by filling out a survey quiz. And you can retake the survey quiz at any time to change your preferences. Currently my preferences are set to only socks & underwear. This is what I received this month.


It’s three pairs of soft comfy underwear, one pair of socks and three pairs of Fashion Liners. I love the underwear they send. It is always very good quality. The socks aren’t my favorite pattern but I will probably wear them come wintertime. The Fashion Liners are a product I have never seen or heard of. You can’t really tell from the picture but they have a pretty lace pattern. With the right shoe this would look really good and is great for a time when you need socks of some kind but it’s too hot to wear actual socks or pantyhose.

I absolutely love Wantable Intimates. They are my favorite subscription box. Follow this link to learn more or get your Wantable subscription.

Did you subscribe to Wantable this month? What did you get in your box?


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