Artistry Gift Wrap May Box

Artistry Gift Wrap is a subscription box that sends different types of wrapping paper. This month they did plantable wrapping paper. I have never seen plantable wrapping paper so I thought it was pretty cool.


The box had a lot less items than usual but the wrapping paper is imported from England and not available in the U.S. I must confess that even though it was supposed to be wrapping paper the gardener in me wanted to plant it. I started with the sunflower paper. I’ve never grown sunflowers before so we’ll see how it goes. First I took the backing off which was apparently a mistake because all the seeds fell out. So I ended up just throwing them willy nilly in the garden along with some other seeds so we’ll see what happens. For the wildflower paper I just put the whole thing in the garden and threw some dirt on the top. Here is a picture.


As you can see it has some sprouts already. I’m sure I need to go back and do a better job with the soil but I think for just tossing it in the garden with a few handfuls of dirt I’m pretty pleased to see some little sprouts. I’ll keep you posted later in the season to see how it does.

To get your plantable paper or other gift wrappings the link is Use coupon code SUMMER5 for $5 off a one, three, or six month subscription.


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