Try The World Paris Review


Try The World is a gourmet subscription box which sends you a “taste of the world in a box.” Currently they offer a tour of four cities beginning with Paris, then Tokyo, then Rio and lastly Rome. No matter when you sign up you will always start with the Paris box.


The Paris box included a card describing each of the gourmet products as well as a Culture Guide. The Culture Guide was one of the coolest things in the box. It contained information on French music to listen to, French movies to see, French poetry and even a recipe for crepes. I haven’t tried the crepe recipe yet because I think I would just make a mess of the crepes. I have trouble enough with just pancakes. I do really like crepes though so maybe I will be adventurous one day and give it a go.


These are tea bags desribed as “perfume in a cup.” I haven’t tried the tea yet but I like tea and the description sounds good so I’m sure I will like it.


I’ve heard other bloggers say this hot chocolate is quite good. It’s summer here so I haven’t made it but I will save it for fall or a cold wintery day.


I did try these nougat bars and I thought they were good.


I was happy to see sea salt. I always see recipes that call for sea salt but I’ve never bothered to buy any. According to the card this is a really special low production salt. And it’s made without any chemical treatments or additives.


There were two jelly type spreads, apricot and blueberry. Both of these were quite good. Then there is a Chestnut Spread which is a very sweet spread. The consistency is similar to apple butter but the taste is very very sweet almost like icing but not exactly. I put it on toast but I think it would maybe be better on a cookie or a different application.


This was a very small little container of caramels. They were good but they didn’t amaze me or anything. My husband ate most of them right away so I guess he liked them.

This was a very interesting box. I liked all of the items and thought the music and movie suggestions were a nice touch. I would be interested to try their Rome box but I don’t want to do the whole four country tour. I think making the boxes available individually would be better. The boxes are $45 each and ship every two months. To learn more their website is



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