Mystery Chocolate Box Review

Mystery Chocolate Box kindly sent me this box to review. They are a new subscription box that is just getting started. It’s a little different than your traditional subscription box because you not only get the chocolate they send but they’ve also made it into a game. They send you bars of chocolate but they don’t tell you what kind you’re getting. You have to guess and if you guess correctly they also give you the opportunity to win prizes. I thought this was an awesome idea and I was excited to try it out. Here’s what was in the box:


It comes with 3 chocolate bars, an info sheet, allergy information, how to do the mystery tasting game and it even has a place to write down your guesses. It’s good that they enclose the allergy information. But, if you suffer from food allergies this may not be the box for you because then you may not be able to try all three bars. These bars contained a variation of nuts, milk and gluten. Thankfully my husband and I have no known food allergies so we were anxious to dig right in.


Mystery Bar A was both mine and my husband’s favorite. The flavors were very complex. The dark chocolate was pretty easy to guess and then I thought it had orange, cayenne, and nougat flavors. However my husband thought it was blueberry, nuts, and chili powder. So it’s a bit tricky.


Mystery Bar B was also dark chocolate and I think cocoa nibs but my husband thinks it had fruity bits.


This one was milk chocolate and then I think hazelnut but my husband thinks almond so it will be interesting to find out once they post the reveal. It says in the info sheet it will post in about ten days after they send out the bars.

The bars were all high quality chocolate made by brands such as Theo Chocolates, Green & Black Organic Chocolates and Divine Chocolates. I liked this idea so much I think I will try it at our next family gathering. I think this would also be a great box for a baby shower, college students, or just about anyone who likes chocolate. Here is the link to the website to learn more and get your Mystery Box.

Did you get the Mystery Chocolate Box? What were your guesses?


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