May Escape Monthly California Review


As posted on their website Escape Monthly is “a destination inspired monthly delivery of luxury products designed to help you relax, renew & escape.”  The cost is $49.95 a month but they’ve been having lots of deals and promotions lately so you can get it for much less.

I cannot even begin to describe how disappointed I am in this box. I love California but this does not say California to me at all. And I didn’t really enjoy the products. It was a strange mix I thought.


is a destination-inspired monthly delivery of luxury products to help you relax, renew and escape! – See more at:
s a destination-inspired monthly delivery of luxury products to help you relax, renew and escape! – See more at:

Cactus Water – This tasted, well, like cactus water. I didn’t like it and didn’t bother to finish the bottle.

Egg White Chips – I haven’t tried these yet. They don’t sound that appealing to me but they do boast 7 grams of protein which is certainly better than your average chip.


Exfoliating Sponge – I didn’t like this sponge, it was too harsh for me.

Green Apple Juice Beauty Lotion – I received this exact same lotion in a Citrus Lane box so I will be gifting this.

Hugo Naturals Handcrafted Soap – I have not tried this yet because I’m still using the soap from my Pure box but once I finish that I will try this. It’s vanilla orange scented soap so I’m sure it will be fine.


San Franola – I didn’t try this yet either. I’m feeling over-granola-ed with all these subscription boxes lately. Especially since Yumvelope and Naturebox always seems to have granola in them.

Nicobella Chocolates – This is the only thing in the box I thought was interesting. It is Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffles. The taste is not as good as say, a milk chocolate truffle, but was quite good for vegan chocolate. A lot of the time the healthier chocolates taste terrible but this had a fairly decent flavor and something I would happily eat if I wanted vegan chocolates.


Moon California Wine Country Guide – I haven’t looked through this yet but I am sure I will peruse it at some point. It seems like an odd choice since none of the other contents had anything to do with wine. I would’ve preferred a Northern California Guide or a Southern California Guide I think.

California Poppies – I planted these in the garden and so we’ll see how they do. I’ve not had good success with poppies in the past since they prefer a sunny dry climate but hopefully they’ll bloom anyways.

So, all in all I was not impressed. I really expected some posh spa items and I didn’t get that at all. I don’t feel like I’ve experienced California a bit. More like a trip to my local specialty grocery store.  I think the concept of Escape Montly is good I just didn’t like this month’s curation. What did you think of your Escape Monthly box?

Disclosure: I paid for my Escape Monthly Subscription myself and was not compensated in any way for this review and all opinions are clearly my own.


Escape Monthly is a destination-inspired monthly delivery of luxury products to help you relax, renew and escape!  – See more at:

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