May Citrus Lane Review


Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids. Mine is for a 2 yr old girl. Normally I really like Citrus Lane but this month I was a bit disappointed in the products. Usually Citrus Lane products are right on target for her age but this box seemed like it would be better suited to a slightly older kid. I didn’t take individual pictures but here is a description of each product.

Mayan Pyramid & Parthenon Sand Molds – My daughter loves to play in the sand box but she didn’t really understand how to use these yet. They do make interesting shapes and as she gets older she will probably get more use out of them.

Goodbyn Food Container – I have not tried this yet but I’m sure it will be useful on picnics or long outings.

Paint with Water by Melissa & Doug – This seemed like a fun idea so we tried it right away. She did not get the concept of dipping in the water then the paint and then the paper. She kept just dipping in the water and trying to paint the paper. This just mostly frustrated her I think. It also says on the packet for ages 3+ so I will save this for when she gets a bit older.

Fresh Feet Wipes – We have not tried these yet but I am always in favor of more wipes.

Back to Nature Chocolate Chip Cookies – This was just an average snack. It was relatively good tasting and free of hydrogenated oils which is always a plus.

Overall this was not my favorite month of Citrus Lane. The toys were not geared to her age as much as I would’ve preferred. We’ll see what they come up with for next month. Hopefully it will be better.


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