May Yumvelope Subscription Box Review


This is my third yumvelope box and I think that this has been the best one. There were 7 items in it.

Nina’s Fresh Baked Pecan Cherry Granola – I’m getting a bit bored of granola but this one was at least quite tasty.

Organically Grown Pistachios – These came still in the shell but I like pistachios and it was nice to have something different than almonds.

Ella’s Heavenly Hunks – This bag had two cookies in it and they were absolutely delicious. The first ingredient was butter so how could they not be. I would eat these again.

Alo Appeal Pink Grapefruit Aloe drink – I did not like this and did not finish it. However it was interesting to try as drinking aloe has been the “in” thing lately.

Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars – There were two of these. One in lemon and one in strawberry. They had a good flavor and the fruit taste was nice and tart.

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie – These were just ok for me. I gave most of it to my toddler though and she liked it.

Yumvelope is a great way to try new products and I enjoyed this months box. Especially the Ella’s Heavenly Cookie Hunks.



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