Lush Beauty Products Review (Round 1)

I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews about Lush products on the blogs lately and so I wanted to try them out for myself. With product names like shower smoothies and bath bombs I couldn’t resist. There are no lush stores nearby me and so I ordered online. It ships from Canada and took forever to get to me. I ordered mostly bath stuff this round. I ordered six items and received one small sample.


I’ll review each product one by one. First is the FUN bath soap designed for kids.


It’s a fairly big size and so for my toddler I’ve been breaking it off and giving it to her in small amounts to play with. The consistency is sort of a cross between playdoh and clay. You can mold it and shape it or you can crumble it under the faucet to make bubbles. And depending on how much you use it will turn the bath water blue. This comes in other colors as well. My daughter liked this as something new to play with in the tub but she isn’t at the age yet where she can really shape it or do much with it. It’s probably more designed for older kids. It was fun to try out but I probably won’t purchase it again.


Dreamtime Bath Melt – I loved this. It just melts in the tub and makes the water very soft. It has a lavender fragrance which I found very relaxing. This was my favorite item of what I bought.


Secret Garden Bath Bomb – This bath fizzer lasted a long time and has a pleasant scent. However it contained flower petals which end up floating in the bath. It seems like a good idea but in practice you just have all this debris floating around in the tub. It was interesting to try but I wouldn’t get this again.


Butterball Bath Bomb – This is another bath fizzy which thankfully didn’t have any debris in it. However it was overall a disappointment because it made the water feel too greasy for my liking and the scent was just so so. I was expecting something more vanilla-y. And for the cost I am expecting to be wowed and this was not wow.


The label got worn off a little but this is the Big Blue Bath Bomb. The labels only list ingredients so if you want to know how to use a product you have to go back to the website. And while they say their bath bombs may contain “surprises” they don’t say exactly what. This bomb was the biggest of all the bombs I had and it lasted a long time in the tub. And one of the reasons it’s so big is because it contains seaweed. A lot of seaweed. You end up with all this black rubbery debris in the rub. I liked the scent and I liked that it turned the water a pretty greenish blue but I did not care for all the debris. If you use this one I recommend that it be kept in some sort of mesh bag or something to keep the debris contained.


Yuzu & Coco Bubbleroon – This is a solid bubble bath that you crumble under the faucet as you fill up the tub. I broke it into two bath uses but you could probably cut it into four. This scent was just ok for me and while it did make nice bubbles I still prefer the liquid bubble baths.


My free sample was an itty bitty slice of their Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap. I used this on my face and it was just ok. It didn’t dry my face out at all like regular soap does. So that was good. But, I think I need to use it a few more times though to really decide if I like it.

Lush is not a subscription box per se’ but on their website you can request to have the products you pick out sent to you on a monthly basis. I think a subscription box of this would be fun and something Lush should consider.  It is expensive to buy their full size products so more sample size ones would be nice. Stay tuned for more of my Lush reviews coming up as I discovered a Lush store in the mall during a recent trip to Indianapolis and I bought yet more of their products.

Have you tried Lush products? Which ones did you like?


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