Bluum Subscription Box Review


Bluum box is a subscription box for kids. Mine is geared toward my 26 month old girl. This month’s box had five items in it.

Slide & Surprise Numbers Book – I am always happy to get more books and we enjoyed reading this. She liked pulling the slides out and having her tell me the mumbers and objects were good practice.

4 pack Play-Doh – I love play-doh and I would’ve been more excited about this if I didn’t already have several cans.

Sippi Grips – This is an interesting idea. It’s a string type thing that you attach to a chair or carseat to keep a toy or sippy cup from falling on the floor or getting lost. Haven’t tried this yet. I think it would’ve been more useful a few months back.

Jack and Jill natural toothpaste – we were just running out of toothpaste for her so I was happy to see this. It has xylitol in it so it’s good for the teeth but is not harmful if swallowed. Hopefully she will like the flavor.

Klorane Dry Shampoo – I was just thinking the other day how I wished we had dry shampoo around. It says made in Paris so I’m excited to try this.

All in all a so-so box. It would have been better if the play-doh had been replaced with a toy but maybe other people were happy to get the play-doh. What did you get in your Bluum box?



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