Chocolate Tasting Club Review


I didn’t know that I needed to cancel my subscription so I got another box of the Chocolate Tasting Club. I thought I was doing a one time trial. Oh well. I love chocolate so it didn’t go to waste. This box was similar to last month’s box in idea but had all new flavors. Some of them were really good like the Coconut Cherry one. But the ones with alcohol in them I don’t like. This box had two a Champagne Truffle and a Gin Truffle. The alcohol taste is VERY strong. My other favorites were the hazelnut ones. I think there were three. I would enjoy the Tasting Club more if I could choose which types of chocolates to have in it so I could get more of the kinds I like. Still this is a fun box. There were some flavor combinations that you don’t ordinarily see and it was such fun to have different ones to try.

Have you tried Chocolate Tasting Club? What did you think?


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