Escape Monthly – Mexico Box Review & coupon code


When I heard they were doing Mexico this month I wasn’t that excited but I decided to stick it out because I really liked the Ireland box. Sadly, as expected, I did not like the Mexico box. Let’s review the contents one by one. First up is the travel guide.


I’ve never heard of the areas mentioned in this guide except for Acupulco. I don’t really have a desire to visit Mexico but I thumbed through the guide anyways. To me it reads like a cautionary tale. Don’t leave your car parked unattended, don’t bring your nice things, don’t go out alone especially if you’re a women and so on. What little desire I had to see Mexico is definitely extinguished due to this guide. Nice beaches or not this does not seem like a safe place to go.


This is the Ayate Washcloth. I was kind of excited to try something authentic from Mexico that I had never seen before. This is a “washcloth” woven from the Agave plant. I tried this today and I didn’t like it. It feels like straw to me and it probably does exfoliate well but I prefer a sugar scrub.


They also included two Mexican Sodas to try. These were both a miss for me. I don’t really like Sangria to start with and I really didn’t like it as a soda. To me the Sangria soda tasted like sugared vinegar. The other one was a Green Apple Soda. This actually had an ok flavor. But after tasting it I gave it to my husband to drink. He finished the bottle so I guess that meant he liked it.


Next in the box was dried Organic Mango. These were ok. I finished the bag but I wouldn’t go out and buy them on purpose.


Then there was the Pacifica Candle. This was my favorite item in the box. I love Pacifica products. However, the only thing Mexican about it is the name of the scent “Mexican Cocoa.”


There were two spices Lucas Mango and Habanero Heat Sea Salt. I have not tried these yet as I have no idea how to use them. What do you do with Mango seasoning? I may gift these to a friend who is foodie and would know how to use these.


Then there was the candy. Pulparindo is somewhat similar to a fruit roll-up except that it is thicker and it is spicy. Really spicy. So spicy that I quit after one bite. The de la Rosa Marzipan had a nice peanutty flavor and I liked that one.

I enjoyed getting to try some different things but I did not like the Mexico box as much as I liked the Ireland box. I am going to keep the subscription for another month though because next month is Beverly Hills and I love California so I’m interested to see what they come up with for this box.

To get your Beverly Hills Box follow this link to Escape Monthly. Use coupon code YOURESCAPE to get 20% off for the life of your subscription.

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4 thoughts on “Escape Monthly – Mexico Box Review & coupon code

  1. The Lucas Mango is not seasoning, its actually a very popular candy. You really don’t need to put it on anything, most people just eat it as is. You can try putting it on fruit though, that might be tasty. (:


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