Pop Sugar Must Have Resort Special Edition

A lot of bloggers have been raving about the Special Edition PopSugar boxes so when I saw the resort one come out I decided to give it a try. I was one of the last people to receive my box so since the reviews were already out I knew what the contents were.


At first after seeing the reviews I was disappointed in the box but after receiving mine and actually using the products I like it a lot more.


This is a Cuyana Turkish Towel which retails at $55. It is made from cotton and bamboo. I love this towel. It is big and can wrap it around me. And it is perfect for taking to the pool or beach because it is more compact and takes up less space. This is my new favorite towel and if not for the high price I would buy more of these.


This is a great little bag that was made especially for PopSugar. I think it would be great to put keys or sunglasses in when you’re on your way to the beach or pool. I will definitely make use of this bag.


I love love love the Epicuren Tropical Lave. It has an awesome smell. I must buy more of this once it runs out,


I wasn’t all that excited when I saw salt water taffy in the box but I decided to give it a try. So YUMMY. Just the right amount of salty and sweet. I thought this was quite good!


Clark’s Botanicals Moisture Mist. This is a hydrating mist. It has a pleasant smell and does seem to cool you off. I like it and I think on a hot day it will be very refreshing.


This was my least favorite item in the box. I like the idea of an eyeliner duo but I wasn’t too sure about yellow and bright blue. Supposedly though this is a hot trend for summer so I did some research to see the best way to apply it. I found this picture of a model.


She pulls the yellow and blue thing off okay I think. I tried it on me and while it was ok I don’t think it will be my new everyday. It was interesting to try out a new look though. It is just a bit bold for me as I tend to stick to neutrals.



The last item in the box was this bracelet trio. This is not necessarily my normal style however I like these and will definitely wear them. I think they are a great summer look.

All in all I enjoyed my PopSugar box. And the items were all high end luxury items. I tried out some great new brands so all in all I’m pleased.

What did you think of your PopSugar Resort Must Have Special Edition?



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