April Naturebox Review

Naturebox is a monthly subscription service that sends 5 bags of snacks each month. You can pick the snacks that you want or you can choose to be surprised. Here’s what I chose this month:


As you can see I couldn’t wait to try these so most of the bags were opened already before I took the picture. Naturebox is in the process of changing their packaging which is why there are two different colors.

Black and White Granola – This was really good. My husband, toddler and I all liked this and it’s very nearly gone already.

Pistachio Power Clusters – I order these every month. I really like them. Next month I may order two because these disappeared the first day.

Honey Crunch Crisps – I decided to try these based on another’s reccommendation but I did not like them. They have a very strong asian taste. It’s kind of like chinese food in a cracker.

Whole Wheat Raspberry Fig Bars – My husband, toddler and I all voted these as so-so. They are just your run of the mill fig bars.

Sweet Blueberry Almonds – This was a substitute bag because what I had chosen was not available. I have not yet opened them to try them. But I like almonds so this should be ok.

There’s always one bag I don’t like and this month it’s the Honey Crunch Crisps. I really enjoy this subscription and I like trying the new snacks every month. They have over 100 snacks to choose from so I am going to keep this subscription for awhile. It is $19.95 a month and you can get $10 off your first month by using coupon code PMDX-BMH at https://naturebox.com/

What do you think of Naturebox?



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