Bluum Subscription Box Review


Bluum Box is monthly subscription box for baby ages newborn to preschool. You enter your childs name and age and they select age appropriate products. My daughter is 24 months.

This was my first time receiving the Bluum box so I was excited to see what was inside.


The biggest item was Busy Day press and play sound book. My daughter had fun pressing the buttons and looking at the pictures but it’s not really a story as much as just an activity book. I think she will enjoy this even more when she gets a bit older.


These were blocks that have 4 different pictures on them that you can take out and put together again. My toddler had fun playing with these but she hasn’t quite grasped the idea of matching the blocks to make a picture.


I have not tried these yet but I think that they will come in very handy when we start potty training.


Next up were Blasters boogie wipes and Boogie Mist. I have not tried these products yet either but I’m sure they will be useful during her next cold. Always so hard when the little ones are sick.


The last thing in the box was the Bumkins Snack Bag. I really like Bumpkins products. We have two of the bibs and they are great. This snack bag will certainly come in handy and it’s so easy to clean, just throw it in the wash.

Overall I think this was a good box. And right now Bluum is offering 50% off for new customers with coupon code HALFOFF.



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