Pure Subscription Box Review

Pure is a subscription company that sells soap subscriptions as well as other products like lotions, bath salts etc. I decided to buy the Spring Love Box because it had a variety of products and scents that I could try. Cost was $25. I’m not at all sure why they call it the Love Box but anyways here’s what was in it.


Wooden Soap Deck – This is kind of neat. It’s designed to keep your soap dry so it’s doesn’t get all “melty.” The only problem with it is I found the soap tends to stick to it. This seems like a design flaw they should have addressed.

Egyptian Rose Sugar Scrub – This is a sugar scrub exfoliator that comes in little cubes. The scent was eygptian rose and I generally like rose scents so I was ok with it. The little cubes were fun to use and the scent wasn’t overpowering which is always good in my book.

Lip Balm – I haven’t tried the lip balm yet as I’ve received so many lately. I may gift this.

Lemongrass Lotion Bar – This is a lotion bar similar in feel to a deoderant bar only instead with lotion. It’s an interesting idea and probably good for traveling or people who don’t like greasy lotions. The lemongrass scent was kind of like lemonade and VERY strong. I’m not really that crazy about smelling like lemonade so this was my least favorite of the products.

Grapefruit Soap – This was my favorite of the scents and this soap was very nice. It has a luxurious feel to it and isn’t as drying as regular soap.

It was interesting to try them out but I didn’t fall in “love.”

If you’d like to try them here is a link to their website. If you just google search “pure soap” you’ll never find it.



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