March Escape Monthly

There was a coupon on Plum District for Escape Monthly so I had to sign up and try it. It seemed like an interesting idea to receive products from different destinations around the world. For March the destination was Ireland to tie in with St. Patrick’s Day. Here’s what was in the box.


First up is a Moon Book on tips for living in Ireland. This book is filled with interesting info about the culture, history, and modern day living in Ireland. I’m only a few pages in so far but I’m learning a lot and now I totally want to go and live in Ireland. For example, according to the book they have four weeks of paid vacation a year, six months paid maternity leave and nine paid holidays. How nice would that be?


The next item is Irish Soda Bread. I have never had soda bread before and this seemed pretty easy to make so I baked it up this afternoon. It is a very dense bread similar to cornbread or cake. I spread it with butter and orange marmalade and I thought it was delicious. So glad to have tried something new.


Next is Shortbread Cookies. These are buttery deliciousness. They are good alone and even better when dipped into tea. I may have to order more of these.


Speaking of tea that brings us to the next item which is Gift Of Gab tea. This is your basic tea. But it has a nice “soft” flavor that I really liked.


There also was Irish Cream Coffee. I made a pot of it this afternoon. It was good but a bit strong for me I think. After I brewed it my house had a very nice Irish Cream Coffee scent. My picture is a bit blurry but it’s just a little can, suitable for about an 8 cup pot.


Next up was a Mint Truffle Bar. This was very good also but I’m disappointed that it was dark chocolate instead of milk. My husband who prefers dark chocolate really liked it so I didn’t get to eat much of it.


Human + Kind Skin Care Cream. This is an interesting cream. It claims to help every skin condition from sunburn to bug bites to stretch marks to acne. It has all sorts of odd ingredients that you don’t normally see in skin cream such as coconut oil, avocado oil, tea tree oil, birch extract, marshmallow extract, broccoli extract and so on. I tried some on my hand and it seemed ok. It doesn’t smell medicinal but it does have a scent, I think it may be the tea tree oil. I like that it doesn’t have any chemicals in it and it will be interesting to see over time if it lives up to it’s claims.


Lastly, we have Irish Shamrock Seeds. How fun is that! Can’t wait to plant these.


This was a fun box. I really like learning about Ireland and trying these products. Next month is Mexico. It will be interesting to see what they do with that. I’m guessing tortilla and refried beans maybe. We’ll see. Stay tuned for next month.


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