March Citrus Lane


Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that delivers various items each month based on your child’s age. Mine is 24 months so let’s see what we got.


Petit Collage has some really cute things and I was pleased to get this puzzle. My daughter doesn’t quite have the hang of the puzzle pieces yet but we had a nice time sitting together and working on it.


This is such a good idea. A first aid kit to go. I am very pleased to see this.


At first when I saw this I thought it was two jars of finger paints but actually it’s play-doh. This is a nice dough to work with and has a pleasant scent. We had a fun time playing with this as well.


The last item in my box was Hand Sanitizing Wipes. Inititally when I saw these I thought they were great but then when I went to use them not so great. They have an awful smell. Awful! The main ingredient is Thyme. Nice on spaghetti, not so nice in a wipe. These smell so awful I can’t even in good conscience give them away.

Otherwise great box this month. One thing you have to say about Citrus Lane is they know kids. I’m looking forward to next month. And I also have Stork Stack and Bluum coming soon so look for those reviews coming up.

What was in your Citrus Lane this month?


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