March Barkbox Review


Barkbox is a subscription box filled with treats and toys for your dogs. Sign up is easy and they send products based on your dog size. I have a little 10 lb Maltese so my box is supposed to be designed for small dogs. Not everyone gets the same box even amongst the small dogs. Other reviewers Barkbox had a breakfast theme but my box doesn’t appear to have any theme that I can discern. And I’m kind of disappointed I didn’t get the breakfast themed one. Let’s look at each item individually.


This is yogurt & banana flavored Twistix. I’m disappointed to receive more Twistix because my dog still hasn’t finished all the Twistix from last month’s box and while the Mint one he eventually eats this flavor he doesn’t like at all. Going to have to give this away.


These are little lamb treats kind of in the shape of small hotdogs. My dog loved these so this item is a win.


I thought my dog would really like this but he didn’t see to really care about it. He batted it around for a bit but then lost interest. Maybe when it gets warmer out we’ll try it outside.


When I saw this in the box I thought that it would be destroyed within minutes but actually this is another things my dog just isn’t that interested in.


These are apple-cinnamon flavored dog treats. I like that these are small but I haven’t yet given them to my dog. I’m still working through the treats from last month’s Barkbox. I think Barkbox is a good box for someone with multiple dogs or puppies who need a lot of toys. But for me I was very disappointed in this box. It didn’t have a bully stick in this months which I was hoping for and I think some of the items posted on other review sites were much better. At $29 a month I don’t think it’s for me.


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