March Yumvelope Review


Even though I cancelled Yumvelope last month I came across a special discounted offer so I decided to give them another try this month. This box came with seven items.


The first item is Good Life Granola.


This has a very good flavor but I kind of wish it was clumpier to make it easier to eat.

Next is Potato Leek Soup


I made this last night. I thought it was very good.


There were three bags of flavored almonds. Dark Cocoa Chili, Coconut Lavender & Coconut Orange Peel. All of these flavors were good. I like almonds and I like flavored almonds and I also liked that they were in small pouches so that I didn’t overeat.

Lastly is The Bliss Bar. As you can see in the picture below there were two of them.


The problem with the Bliss Bar is that it calls itself the Bliss Bar and then promises you it tastes like dessert. I have only tried the Honey Gold so far but I can tell you it does not taste like dessert. It has a chocolate like presence and the flavor is ok-ish. But I wouldn’t go so far as to say it tastes like dessert. It contains a lot of healthy ingredients and is probably great for when you’re on a diet or need a healthy snack. But for me it does not rank highly in the flavor category and I gave some to my toddler and she promptly spit it out. I think she thought it was chocolate and was disappointed. It seems to me if it’s not chocolate they shouldn’t make it look like chocolate.

I like that they yumvelope sends new products that I’ve never heard of or tried. And I like that they are usually healthy and free of chemicals. But there doesn’t seem to be as much variety to the boxes. For example it came with three packs of almonds. What if I didn’t like almonds? Then I automatically wouldn’t like 3 of the 7 items. So I don’t know, it was an ok box. Did you get a Yumvelope box? What did you think?


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