Birchbox Review

March Birchbox

March Birchbox

Everyone always talks about Birchbox and since they are only $10 a month I had to try them out.  My box had six items in it.

Jergen's skin cream

Jergen’s skin cream

This was listed as a bonus item and also came with a $2.00 off coupon. This is a tinted moisturizer. Despite the tint of the cream it was not noticeable as a color change on my skin. It moisturized well and has a nice soft scent.


The picture came out a bit blurry but there are two products. First is the Supergoop UV complex which is supposed to protect from UV rays but to protect from sunburn you have to also add sunscreen. I have not yet tried this product but I have to say I don’t see the point since you have to add sunscreen anyways. But maybe this is good for when you are just worried about UV rays? The second item is Rescue Balm Skin Salve. This is a bit greasy and has a medicinal scent but it does leave your skin very moisturized. It is a very small sample and I’ve already used most of it. I may have to buy more of this one.


The next item was Stila lip glaze. I did not like this. It has an pleasant scent but too strong for a lip gloss and it felt sticky to me.


The next two items were my favorite in the box. Ghirardelli chocolate and Cherie Blossom perfume. I love the smell of this perfume and will be wearing it frequently.

It was fun to try some different products but this wasn’t a box I loved and so I don’t think I’ll keep the Birchbox subscription. I have heard though that there are some 60 different versions each month and I’ve seen other reviews that had other products that were more appealing to me. Too bad Birchbox doesn’t let you pick what goes into your box. Though I suppose the surprise is half the fun.


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