Glossybox Review

March Glossybox

February Glossybox

For $20 a month Glossybox delivers 5 luxury beauty products a month. I used a coupon code and got the lipstick as a bonus item.



The lipstick is a great quality lipstick with a fabulous vanilla scent. However, it is SO not my color. It’s a peachy pink and I tend towards reds/purples. But if this was in my color I would love it. Especially the vanilla scent.

Mattifying gel

Mattifying gel

The next item is a Professional Mattifying Gel. I have never even heard of this type of product so I was a bit skeptical. But it did make my face look “matte” and make my make-up last longer.

Pure & Natural Lip Balm

Pure & Natural Lip Balm

This is a nice lip balm and a must for anyone in a cold winter climate and it works well for a natural gloss look.

Next up is Lauren B nail polish. I forgot to take an individual picture of the nail polish but it is an opaque pink and is free of many of the chemicals commonly found in nail polish. Again this was not a color I would normally wear but I decided to try it on anyways.


Not my best painting job but it gives you a good idea of the color. I liked that the smell of the polish was less strong than some other polishes and the pink color grew on more the more I wore it. It is a great quality nail polish and I thought it seemed as though the polish took longer to chip than other polishes have and it was easier to remove than some other polishes. I will definitely look for this brand in other colors.

The last item two items the box were a black eyeliner and Pureology Color Care. I had just bought new eyeliner so I haven’t tried that yet nor I have I tried the Pureology Color Care. I do dye my hair so the color care should be useful. And, I’m sure like the other items in the box that they’re both good quality. I purchased a 3 month subscription to Glossybox so stay tuned for next month.


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