Wantable Intimates Review

Wantables Intimates is a fabulous subscription box which send you a few intimate-y type items each month. Is intimate-y a word? Anyhow, you fill out a survey with your likes and dislikes and they send you items based on that. It is usually bras, underwear, socks and so on. This month I received four things.

Wantables Intimates

Wantables Intimates

The bra is a bit hidden back there in the picture but it is a blue/green strapless bra. It is very comfortable to wear and supportive. So I definitely like that and I needed a comfy strapless bra. Then there are two pairs of socks. One is black with non-slip grippers on the bottom and the other is gray with a rose pattern. Both socks are soft and very comfy. My only complaint is that they are both long. And while some long socks are ok I like shorter socks too. The last thing in the box is a bra strap converter. I have not tried this yet but it seems like a very useful item since I am forever having bras where the straps fall off. I think the Wantable Intimates box is a great value and it allows me to try out items that I wouldn’t necessary pick out for myself. To try out this box or the Wantable Make-up or Acessories Box just follow this link –> https://www.wantable.com/invite/qAulXH3cNJs

Do you subscribe to Wantables? What did you think of this month’s box?


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