Healthy Surprise Review

February Healthy Surprise

February Healthy Surprise

Healthy Surprise is a subscription company which sends out healthy snacks to you every month. You can choose different size options. I was so impressed with last months box I ordered a bigger size for this month. I couldn’t wait to dig in so there are a couple of things missing from this picture. I wasn’t as excited about this box as last months’. The theme appeared to be spicy and some of the stuff was just not for me.

Rawkin’ Spicy Beet Chips – You can’t make me like this. I tried it and…no.

Quite Cheezy Kale Crunch – This was better than straight kale but not good enough that I’d eat more than one taste. I gave some to my toddler and she didn’t like it either. No matter how you dress up kale, it’s still kale.

Just Tomatoes – These were dried tomatoes. I love tomatoes so I at all of these but I thought they were a bit chewy.

Oskri Dried Cranberries – These were good and my toddler and husband ate quite a few as well.

Rawr Bar Beet-A-Peel – This was a fruit roll up type thing made from beets. I liked this better than the beet chips but still not my favorite. I guess it’s a good way though to get me to eat a vegetable I normally don’t eat.

Pineapple Snackaroons – These were pineapple flavored macaroons. I love macaroons and I really enjoyed this. They were not low-calorie though and the saturated fat count was pretty high from the coconut oil. But, if you’re not dieting these are absolutely delicious!

Chili Mango Chips – These had a good flavor. A mixture of sweet and spicy. I would rate this as just ok because they leaned a bit too far towards spicy for me.

Chili Lime Apple Chips – These again were sweet and spicy at the same time. Just so-so for me.

Buddy Fruits – These were very tasty and gone immediately.

There were three other items that we ate already and I forgot to save the info on. They were all fruit related and we generally liked them. I tend to like the fruit stuff ok just not the beet and kale stuff. Not my favorite box this month but still excellent for when you need healthy snacks on the go.

If you’d like to try them out follow this link


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