Barkbox Review

I have a little 10 lb maltese dog. He doesn’t know he’s little though. He’ll go right up to a pit bull and give him what for. He reminds me a bit of scrappy doo. So in my subscription box craze I had to get a box for him and Barkbox is supposed to be one of the best ones. For $19 this is what they sent:


I am very pleased with this Barkbox. It came with five items that my dog has really enjoyed:

Etta Says Crunchy Duck Chew – this was gone immediately, I may buy him some more of these

Pogo Plush Busy Buddy Toy – he loves this, it has become his favorite toy

Planet Dog Eats bone shaped treats – these must taste good because my dog eats them happily

Twistix dog treat for oral hygiene – I don’t think this is his absolute favorite but he does eventually eat it and it does help to freshen breath

Grandma Bowser’s Bisquits – I like these treats for him because it takes him a bit of time to chew them

Conclusion – This was absolutely a good value and I’ve decided to keep this sub for another month.

To get $5 off your first box follow this link –>


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