Yuzen Review

Once I heard about Yuzen I was excited to try them. They offer a seasonal subscription which is nice. The cost is $33 and they say they are sending “a little zen in every box.” Let’s see if I feel zenful.


The products included in this box were:

ACURE Radical Resurfacing Treatment – This is to help ward off blotchiness and other skin problems. This did seem to make my skin brighter and less red.

Balanced Guru Butter Me Up Balm – This is a skin moisturizer with scents of mandarin, lime & orange. This does moisturize really well but it’s a bit greasy and I’m not a fan of the smell.
Chocolove Cherries & Almond Chocolate Bar – 55% cocoa – YUM! Loved this.
LOTUSWEI Love Mist – This is a body mist with a very pleasant smell.

Sranrom Compassion Candle – I have not burned this yet but it has a nice scent to it but a bit strong for my taste.

Sranrom Hand Cream – In the cold climate where I live my hands get very dry so hand cream is a must. This is very moisturizing hand cream but the scent is again too strong for me.

Sumbody Bath Fizzer & Bath Melts – These were my favorite items in the box. Sumbody bath products smell great and they make the bathwater feel silky and soft. I really like them.

I’m on the fence about this box. I liked some of it and didn’t like some of it. I will probably use all these products though and since it’s seasonal I’m going to keep it and see what they do for the summer season box.

For more info the website is http://Yuzenbox.com


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